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Chieniel Marshall

Fascinated with the topic of communication, ChienielĀ has made it her business to help people to realize the power of a thought well thought, a word was well spoken and a deed well done. Having explored various fields of work and self-actualization, she currently pursues a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Technology, at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). Determined to become a communications specialist, Chieniel can be found studying the work of Daniel Goleman who authors her favourite reading materials; Working with Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Intelligence. A lover of good music, classic British comedies, and movies; Chieniel is able to incorporate her appreciation for the performing arts in her interaction with people from all walks of life.

Prior to attending UTech, Chieniel is a product of Manchester High School. There she was considered a liberal student, having gained the title of student chef and teacher's assistant for the performing arts. Through her experiences she has learned that even when the odds seem against her and people around her are doubtful of her success, chances are she will surpass her own expectations.

Now Chieniel is a certified and capable Special Educator who encourages her students to embrace creativity and imagination. She is also a certified Event Planner and Manager; with this skill, she intends to help people to plan and execute every event. Chieniel is determined to elevate ordinary lives, events, and thingsĀ to the extraordinary.